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Have a Heart! Life is Why!

It's that time of year again and I am creating awareness for heart disease and stroke, #1 killers!

I wanted to share with you my story and reason for supporting this organization for over ten years: my best friend, Kristy (48 years old) was biking one day about twenty years ago in California and passed out on a bike path, fortunately to be found by someone and taken to the hospital. It took several years to diagnose, but after repairing holes in her heart they determined she need a defibrillator. She's on her second (or third) device now and lives with support of meds and a metal box under her skin.

About a year, my mother had a stroke and now lives a completely changed lifestyle. She was healthy, active, had low cholesterol and was one of my weekly yoga students. Now, we do adaptive yoga twice a week as she has no movement in her dominate hand and arm with limited range in her right leg.

Stroke and heart disease touch many of our lives and I know my efforts for creating awareness and aiding research help others live longer lives and instill good habits in our children! I hope you will consider joining me by walking with me on May 20, donating the cost of a night out on the town or sharing my story with others.

I truly thank you for taking time to read this and appreciate any support that you can offer. Here is the link to my page where you can join our team (the largest in the metro area) and/or donate:

Warning signs of heart attack or stroke:

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