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New Year Yoga: Register Nov. 15

In less than ten days you can start your resolution of a new path, wellness and health! Join me Mondays at 5:30pm at Schoolcraft College for a Flowing Yoga class (CES 9733 Section 918927)) and get to know yourself a little better. Some of the many benefits of yoga include building muscle tone, increasing flexibility and range of motion, improved sleep, stress reduction, creating better habits for yourself and increasing mindfulness just to name a few!

Here's a look at the catalog and registration begins on November 15. Don't forget, a private session is a good way to start your new path or even a package of four or six will get you more comfortable with basic asanas/poses, will teach you alignment/safety and different breath techniques to use on and off the mat. Message me when the time is right for you and build a future of wellness and peace!

Learn a basic sun salutation and begin to synchronize breath and movement. Allow this gentle vinyasa stimulate the body and mind as we flow together with energy and intention. My wish for each yogi, novice or expert, is that they yoke with their own divinity, whatever that may be. This state is called samadhi and when paired with santosha, unconditional happiness, anything is possible!

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