It's that time of year to restore and renew before the busy holiday season!  Join the Yoga Assoc. of Greater Detroit for their annual Fall Yoga Day in Birmingham, MI. 

I'll be leading a session at 9:30am so register now to save your spot!  My session will be all about the energy body so if you feel a little off lately, there's a good chance you will leave this session feeling much better!  Hope to see you there!

More info. here!

Don't miss the Yoga Assoc. of Greater Detroit Spring Yoga Day Saturday, April 27.  Purchase tickets at this link or buy at the door!  Come all day or just for half! I'll be teaching at 9:45am.

Here's a list of 12 unique classes to select from:

Hope to see you there!

Namaste ~ MJ

In less than ten days you can start your resolution of a new path, wellness and health! Join me Mondays at 5:30pm at Schoolcraft College for a Flowing Yoga class (CES 9733 Section 918927)) and get to know yourself a little better.  Some of the many benefits of yoga include building muscle tone, increasing flexibility and range of motion, improved sleep, stress reduction, creating better habits for yourself and increasing mindfulness just to name a few! 

Here's a look at the catalog and registration begins on November 15.  Don't forget, a private session is a good way to start your new path or even a package of four or six will get you more comfortable with basic asanas/poses, will teach you alignment/safety and different breath tec...

Find out more and order here!

If you would like to save on natural wellness all year long, ask me about a wholesale membership.  Enjoy all of your shopping in one place just like me.  I've been using doTERRA for skincare, haircare, supplements, healthcare and in my yoga practice/business for almost ten years.  

Replace your medicine cabinet contents and move away from big pharma/synthetics and move toward the gift of the earth, doTERRA. Harvested all over the world, providing economies for those who had none or little, rigorously tested resulting in pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils. 

Holiday available November 1, 2018.

Please join the YAGD (Yoga Association of Greater Detroit) for their 10th annual Fall Yoga Day this Sunday, October 21, 2018.  The event will be held at The Community House in Birmingham and offer four classes. You can attend them all or choose the morning or afternoon sessions.  You'll be sure to get your "Om" on and perhaps discover a new path of peace.

Schedule consists of:

Session One: 9.30-10-45: ‘Ground Control’ ~ Karen Lutz

Find stability as we explore the energies found in moving dynamically and juxtapose this with the stillness in holding the same postures. This gentle class is accessible to all. (Please bring any props you enjoy using.) A popular past Fall Yogaday teacher, Karen has been teaching in the Birmingham/ Bloomfield area fo...

This Wednesday, June 13 at 7pm I will be hosting a free meditation session led by Anumeha Sathe from the Art of Living.  Space is limited so please RSVP by June 12 to confirm space. Anumeha brings with her an extensive background in meditation including, but not limited to, the following:

  • River Rejuvenation projects from river Yamuna in Delhi, made a team of 22 Volunteers to work for the same.

  • Worked in villages for bringing more awareness on health and hygiene.

  • Introduced the pulse diagnosis technique( Nadi Pariksha) in different companies.

  • Worked in promoting the ayurvedic way of living using herbal organic products to different parts of the globe.

  • brought the beautiful knowledge of meditation in more than 1000 lives.


You've probably heard many uses for lemon juice like add it to your water, hot or cold. Many people have sensitivities to lemon juice because of the acidity which comes from the citric acid.  Lemon oil does not, thus, it is much easier on the body. 

In the title I mention CPTG.  This means Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oil.  We move beyond pharmaceutical grade, food grade and therapeutic grade.  The purity and efficacy of CPTG essential oils from doTERRA include rigorous testing of EVERY batch of oil.  You can be assured of the quality and the research that goes into this amazing oil.

One lemon tree can produce between 500 and 600 pounds of lemons in a year.  It takes about 50 lemons to fill up a 15ml bottle. (pict...

Treat yourself (perhaps for Mother's Day) and bring your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies into balance with a complete Chakra Balancing! Experience doTERRA AromaTouch™ foot technique, dowsing (with pendulum) and oil application on spine....take home a crystal and guide to keep you in balance! Service takes approximately 45 minutes.  At Novi studio only.

Normally $75, but now $50 through month of May! Book your appointment NOW! Payment required in advance to hold date and time. No refunds, but a credit is available for other yoga service within 60 days of booking.

Pay by April 30 and receive a FREE doTERRA Balance EO!

Time to sign up for Spring/Summer 2018 yoga/fitness sessions at Schoolcraft College! Enjoy a great facility and a great price compared to some studios. Join me Monday night at 5:30pm for Flowing Yoga where we will incorporate the breath into movement creating a slow flowing vinyasa to lengthen and strengthen.  Leave feeling refreshed and relaxed!

View catalog HERE (my yoga class description is on page 40) CES 9218, section 928953. 

Register here: MJ Monday Schoolcraft Class

Hope to see you there! 

Namaste ~ MJ

It's time to make a change for you, the animals we share the world with and the beautiful earth we live on/in!

Take the pledge for just ONE WEEK April 16-22, 2018.  Together we can make a difference to be healthier, have a cleaner planet and treat the ones we share it with a little or a lot nicer!

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Yoga isn't just a practice, it's a way of life. Join me on the path...

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