It's that time of year again and I am creating awareness for heart disease and stroke, #1 killers!

I wanted to share with you my story and reason for supporting this organization for over ten years:  my best friend, Kristy (48 years old) was biking one day about twenty years ago in California and passed out on a bike path, fortunately to be found by someone and taken to the hospital.  It took several years to diagnose, but after repairing holes in her heart they determined she need a defibrillator.  She's on her second (or third) device now and lives with support of meds and a metal box under her skin.

About a year, my mother had a stroke and now lives a completely changed lifestyle.  She was healthy, active, had low cholestero...

I just returned from the doTERRA annual convention and I continue to be amazed with the global outreach of the company.  This is one of the reasons I am affiliated with this company and their commitment to providing the purest essential oils available.  With over 100 oils distilled in over 40 countries, doTERRA allows anyone the opportunity to choose a non-addicting, less expensive and healthy approach to wellness.  If you would like a sample please contact me to learn more.  Meanwhile, enjoy this great read!  Namaste ~ MJ

This issue features:

· New Products & Essential Oils 
· Motivational Lifestyle Tips 
· Co-Impact Sourcing Story from Bulgaria 
· Delicious Recipes Just In Time For the Fall Season 
· Creative Seasonal DIYs &...

The Summer 2016 Living Magazine is now available!  
With ideas on essential oil DIY for kids, when and how to rest after a workout, tips from personal stylist Paige Greer Sorensen, and a guy's guide to grilling, you won't want to miss a single page.  You'll love this mag full of health and wellness ideas and inspirations!  Just click on the image and enjoy!

"The Chakra System is a map for the

 journey through life. Its seven rainbow

colors represent the full spectrum of human

 possibility that stretches from the ordinary

 to the extraordinary, from Earth to Heaven."

~ Anodea Judith


Learning about the chakras gives you access to your programmed responses so you can minimize their negative effects and maximize their positive ones.  The word chakra means wheel or disc. A chakra is a spinning vortex of activity located along the astral spine created by the presence of the consciousness within the physical body. There are seven major chakras whose locations correspond to seven central nerve ganglia branching out from the spinal column. The mind and the body are brought together by the life force running thro...

WHAT DO I WEAR? Wear comfortable, light clothing that allows the body to move.  Baggy shirts and shorts are not recommended as when you are inverted, they may lift, etc. and proper support for men and women makes for a more comfortable and respectful environment. Keep in mind that the room is heated, and is approximately  80 degrees to begin session. 


CAN  I  ATTEND CLASS  IF I  AM  A BEGINNER? Absolutely! Our classes and instruction honor students of all levels and abilities. Modifications are offered to adapt to each level. No one begins yoga flexible and everyone has a different goal or purpose for stepping onto the mat.


HOW OFTEN SHOULD  I  PRACTICE? For continued growth and visible results, a minimum practice o...

Sadly, the world is in a hurry and life is passing us by. If we could only eliminate ten of the items on our 20-item “to-do” lists, we could perhaps find ourselves on a path to some balance, clarity, and peace. Though many are told to rid their lives of unnecessary “things” and slow down the warp speed pace, they still don’t listen. A nod of acknowledgement gets them off the hook and on their way they go back to the daily grind.

Somewhere out there exists a select few who have taken the path to peace, or rather, found the path to peace. A path where each step unfolds into a beautiful journey. This is a quest that will come at no cost, and have many, rich rewards. Call it an alchemy of sorts where wisdom is gained through prayer, breath, and silen...

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Yoga isn't just a practice, it's a way of life. Join me on the path...

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