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Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga

WHAT DO I WEAR? Wear comfortable, light clothing that allows the body to move. Baggy shirts and shorts are not recommended as when you are inverted, they may lift, etc. and proper support for men and women makes for a more comfortable and respectful environment. Keep in mind that the room is heated, and is approximately 80 degrees to begin session.

CAN I ATTEND CLASS IF I AM A BEGINNER? Absolutely! Our classes and instruction honor students of all levels and abilities. Modifications are offered to adapt to each level. No one begins yoga flexible and everyone has a different goal or purpose for stepping onto the mat.

HOW OFTEN SHOULD I PRACTICE? For continued growth and visible results, a minimum practice of 3 times/week, even 20 minutes each session is more beneficial than one, hour-long class. For life-changing results, 4-6 times/week.

WHAT SHOULD I EAT PRIOR TO CLASS? Eat something light such as a smoothie, protein bar, fruit or nuts 1 ½ - 2 hours prior to class if you have to eat. Drink plenty of fluids after and enjoy a light, healthy meal with protein.

WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING? Please bring a yoga mat, towel and yourself. (It’s that easy!) We do have extra mats and towels if you don't want to buy before you try. And don't forget to bring an open mind and an intention. Water is provided and enhanced with essential oil of your choosing.

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